♨ Each book in the Wycked Obsession series is a standalone romance. However, the reading experience may be enhanced if the books are read in order. They are adult rock star romances intended for mature audiences. Language and sexual situations are explicit and not appropriate for readers under 18. ♨




Wycked Obsession—my brother’s alternative rock band. More than that, it’s the story of my five-year crush on the band’s lead singer, Ajia Stone.

When things at home turn bad, I get the chance to spend three months on tour with the band. Finally, it’s my chance to make Ajia to see me as more than the band’s mascot. Their baby girl. Or will the ugliness at home, the parties, the groupies, and my over-protective brother ruin my transformation and turn it all into a nightmare?


Wycked Obsession—the rock band that my buddy Knox Gallagher and I formed five years ago. His baby sister Bree has always been our biggest fan.

Now things have changed. Bree’s on tour with us, and suddenly she’s not our baby girl anymore. She’s a woman, and she’s pushing every button I have. Can I go from a never-ending list of nameless, faceless girls to just one? I’ve done stuff I’m not proud of, don’t deserve a happily-ever-after, so why does Bree make me want to believe otherwise?




I’m so ready to leave my life as the infamous offspring of a famous Hollywood producer behind, and the publicist job with Wycked Obsession is the perfect answer. They need my help to combat the gossip and rumors that surround them, while I need help resisting guitarist Knox Gallagher. When I can’t do that, I’m left with an even bigger problem. How do I deal with the secret that could end up being the biggest rumor yet?


Life is screwing with me and my band, Wycked Obsession, like we have targets on our backs. Our new publicist London Kennedy is there to help manage the fallout of rumors and accusations, but that only adds to my problems. I want her, at least for the duration of the tour. So why does it feel like the more I have her, the more I want to keep her?




I’ve loved Noah Dexter from the first day I met him. He was even mine for a little while, my high school boyfriend. Then he hurt me clear through to my soul. Another girl seduced him into a lifestyle of sharing and threesomes, and I had to walk away to save myself. Now, five years later, it’s Noah who saves me, but can I trust him? His reputation says no, but my heart wants to believe that he can understand what he did to me all those years ago and not hurt me that way again.


I’m a manwhore with one hell of a reputation. The drummer for the rock band Wycked Obsession, I’ve lived a life of fame, parties, and women. Lots of ‘em, and most of the time, two girls at once. I’m known for it. But all that is getting old, making me jaded, coming back to haunt me with accusations of STDs and knocking up some chick I don’t even know. When I get a chance to help my high school girlfriend, Paige Hamilton, I take it gladly. She’s the only girl I ever wished I could have kept, and maybe if I can help her, it’ll give me—us—a second chance.




Nothing in my life has gone right in a long time. Finding my boyfriend in bed with my sister? Check. Losing my job? Check. Now I've arrived at my cousin's destination wedding without a room. My luck starts to change when the groom's brother offers to share his room with me. True Powell is a sweetheart--and he has a boyfriend. So why can't I stop thinking about him?


I'm in love with Baz Calhoun, and he loves me. We've been together a while now, but something's missing. When I meet Arden Lowell at my brother’s wedding, I'm glad to help her out. When I get to know her, I discover she just might be exactly the woman we've been looking for. A threesome. A ménage a trois. A triad.


I fought hard to embrace my identity as a gay man. Or bisexual, as my boyfriend True reminds me. That might be so, but I don't want to jeopardize who I am. When I meet Arden Lowell, I'm shaken. Everything suddenly looks different. How can I want her the same way I want True? Can the three of us find happiness . . . together?




Life has beaten me up pretty good, and if I believe my mother, I deserved it. But she’s gone, I’m alone, and when my past catches up with me, it’s Rye Myles who comes to my rescue. I’ve loved him since the first day I met him more than six years ago, but I’ve never been anything more than an obligation to him. So why does being with him and his Wycked Obsession family make me feel like I’ve finally found the place where I belong?


I never had much in my life, lost most of it, and finally found the place where I belonged when Wycked Obsession became my family. I got over the losses, moved on, but I never forgot. When Minx Townsend comes back into my life, it’s like a second chance for both of us. She’s been through hell and survived, and she deserves so much better than me. So why do I feel like the only way I can protect her is to get her into my arms — and in my bed?




The bassist for the alternative rock band, Wycked Obsession, I’m responsible for putting the band through hell over the last year. Rehab, therapy, and a new purpose have helped me get my act together. I even met someone—the most amazing fan, Grace Alexander—who makes me want to be the man she sees in me. But that’s an impossible dream. Once she learns the truth about who I really am and the things I’ve done, what chance do I have of keeping her?


I’m just an ordinary girl with a silly crush on an extraordinary man. Something about Zayne Prescott tugged at my heartstrings the instant I saw him on stage, and it’s never let go. When I got the random chance to support him through his recovery, I never looked back. He’s been through a lot, so I understand the mixed signals he’s giving me, but can I trust him when he seems to want more from our friendship? Would a hot-as-sin rock star really want a lackluster plus-sized woman like me?

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I'm Kel Sullivan, Head of Security for the alternative rock band, Wycked Obsession. Life with a rock band is wild, interesting, and full of surprises, both on and off the road. I'm responsible for everyone's safety, but the band's new backup singer, Taryn Murphy, keeps making my job more difficult than it needs to be. And why do I feel like the only place she's safe is in my bed?

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I'm Deangelo "Angel" Moore, wunderkind in the Austin music industry. I’ve signed on to help Wycked Obsession enhance their sound, and it’s one of the best gigs of my career—and not just because I get to spend time with Claire Gallagher. I don’t care if she’s older than me and she doesn’t care about our racial differences, but what about everyone else? Will her kids, Knox and Bree, and the rest of the band be so accepting of us as a couple?

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